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Floor Area M2

Designed to evoke both calmness and curiosity, this is a place for sensory exploration. Upon entry, you are greeted by a textured bluestone counter contrasted against a cobalt blue mesh curtain. You are then directed to a blue marble Wash basin where you have a moment of pause and wash your hands with botanicals. You are then invited into the Manicure or Pedicure zones for your treatments.

Each touch point has been meticulously considered for optimal staff functioning, from the height of the pedicure chairs so staff can sit below the customers feet to avoid bending over and back pain, to the integration of bins, colour correction lamps and tool kits into the manicure tables for a seamless experience. Alongside ensuring each zone had access to natural light, yet enough privacy from the street to feel like you are having a private experience. This was achieved through strategic colour blocking and semi translucent materials to create a balance between privacy and connectivity.

Floor Area M²
Floor Area M²
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