We are creative, cross-functional experts

Meet our skilled, collaborative and down-to-earth team.

We founded Ewert Leaf to make a difference

Since 2009, Ewert Leaf has worked to build a legacy of diverse, high value outcomes and experiences founded through multi-disciplinary collaboration and innovation. 

Today, we are creating the new architectural model: a diverse, cross-functional campus for ideation and exploration.

Our offering extends beyond creating dwellings. We bring together an elite team with integrated expertise that delivers value.

We believe strongly in innovation because architects are essentially creative problem solvers, and we encourage our team to think beyond perceived boundaries.
Will Leaf

Will Leaf
Managing Director

Will understands the commercial reality of developer driven projects. Delivering cost effective designs that are widely marketable is an inherent characteristic of his work.

With global experience in architecture, design and technology. Will is passionate about projects that utilise his skills for contemporary architecture and provide an opportunity to rethink the physical world.

A passionate team of creative problem solvers
Monique Adeney
Hansen Amann
Jonathan Antonello
Graduate of Architecture
Steve Barnes
Daniella Bassin
Interior Designer
Karen Borgschulte
Milly Carneli
Personal Assistant
Tess Carpenter
Jessica Cotton
Interior Designer
William Glass
Graduate of Architecture
Hasanain Haveliwala
Matt Holmes
Student of Architecture
Sherly Lie
Graduate of Architecture
Regina Liu
Max Luhrs-Dowd
Graduate of Architecture
Olena MacCallum
Associate Director
Simone MacGinley
Suzanne Mannix
Head of HR
Toby Richardson
Graduate of Architecture
Boby Subagyo
Graduate of Architecture
Marie Talj
Senior Interior Designer
Cathryn Tattersall
Jin Xiu Tee
Operations Manager
Siew-Fung Then
Studio Leader – Perth
Grady Wang
Graduate of Architecture
Tony Wang
Associate Director
Alison Withers
Jessie Yu
Senior Architect


We are a diverse, supportive and collaborative team. We encourage each other and create meaningful opportunities for involvement and connection.

We enjoy and celebrate what we do and the people we do it with.

We act with INTEGRITY

We consistently deliver quality and take responsibility. We show up ready, treat everyone with respect and learn from our experiences.

We trust each other and we are trusted.

We lead with COURAGE

We listen actively, ask challenging questions and speak openly.

We approach our work with curiosity and push creative boundaries.

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